Защита онлайн-предпринимателей и полное юридическое сопровождение онлайн-школ, IT и стартапов

Fee for the course
7 experts

Lecture and do master class during course
30 persons

Average amount of people in a group
9 days

Course duration (one day off included)
We can realize your ideas
We help to develop young architectural companies and teams that innovate cities planning
We research
We can estimate your company opportunities, explore your economic status, analyze your vehicle access and foot traffic.
We develop the main conception of a company according to company target, develop strategies of competitive advantage.
Marketing strategies
Branding concepts
We develop strategy, conception, and ideology of the project, offer you a city-planning idea, create zones planning schemes.
Our prices
Spend some time working in one of the best and cozy places of the city
35 min.
Beard trim
45 min.
Moustache trim
45 min.
Man haircut
Our clients love us
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